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Lesson 8. Titles and Credits > Modifying titles

Modifying titles

Once you have added a title to the timeline, it is still possible to change it. Luckily, you do not have to create a new title from scratch, Premiere Elements allows you to modify the look of a title and view the changes immediately.

Double-click on the 08_OpeningTitle clip in the Video 1 track of your timeline. This opens the Title Designer and allows you to make changes to your title. Although you could change the look of your text, in this exercise you will add a grey background behind the type.

Click on the Rectangle tool () on the left-hand side of the Title Designer window. Place your cursor in the upper left-hand corner of the window. Click and drag to the bottom-right, to draw a box. As soon as the box covers your title, release the mouse. The box will be covering your title (you will be fixing that shortly) but first you will change the color of the box.

Click on the color swatch at the top right of the Title Designer window to open the Color Properties window. In the top color field, click on a neutral grey color. Click OK to apply the color to the box you created.

Choose Title> Arrange > Send to Back to place your grey box behind your type. The text should now be visible. When you create any visual elements such as squares or circles, there is a stacking order that is created. The most recent items added, in this case, the box, are placed at the top of the stacking order. You can control the stacking order, as you did here, using the Title > Arrange command.



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