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Lesson 8. Titles and Credits > Creating a rolling credit

Creating a rolling credit

The titles you have been creating up to this point have been static, however Premiere Elements can create animated titles as well. There are two types of animated titles: rolls and crawls. A rolling credit is defined as text moving vertically up the screen, like the end credits of a movie. A crawl is defined as text moving horizontally across the screen, like a news ticker. Although rolling credits are most often used at the end of a project, they can be used anywhere. In this exercise you will create a rolling credit at the beginning of the project to explain the video you are creating.

Click the Title button in the Task bar to open the Title Designer. If the Templates window opens, click the Cancel button to close it.

In the upper right corner of the Title Designer, click the More button and choose the option Roll/Crawl options to open the Roll/Crawl options window.

In the Motion section, click on the pulldown menu and choose Roll. This changes the style of the title from static to animated. Additionally, check the boxes marked Start Off Screen and End Off Screen. This will force the titles to begin off screen and end off screen. Click OK.

In the Title Designer, click on the Text tool and, starting in the top left corner, inside the inner-most white box, click and drag a text box spanning the window from top to bottom.

Place your cursor over the value for text size and click and drag the value to 44, you could have also clicked on the value field and entered the number 44. In the text box, type the following text: We went to Boston this summer and visited the Freedom Trail. Press the Return key twice to create a space between lines then type the next line: This is our video from that day.

To center the text, click the center alignment button () at the top of the Title Designer window.

Click the Save Title button and name this title 07_RollingTitle.prtl. Be sure you are saving the file into your Lesson08 folder. If necessary, navigate through your hard drive directory to locate the folder. Click Save to place the title file into your Media window. Close the Title Designer window.



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