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Lesson 3. The Workspace > Using the Info and History palettes

Using the Info and History palettes

Premiere Elements offers advanced features to help you in your editing. The Info palette displays information about a selected clip in the timeline. This palette can be helpful in identifying the duration of a clip, among other things. The history palette records the changes you make to a project. Each time you perform an action, the history palette adds that action to the bottom of its list.

In your Timeline window, click on the first clip Farm 01.avi to select it.

Choose Window > Info. The window displays the clip's name, type, duration, video and audio attributes, its location in the timeline, and the position of the cursor.

If necessary, scroll down the Audio scroll bar to view the Audio 2 track. Click on the soundtrack.wav audio clip. The Info window identifies this clip as an audio file 2;10 in duration with a Start point of 00;00;00;00.

Click and drag the soundtrack.wav clip to the right. The info window updates the position of the clip. Move the clip until the Start point is 00;00;02;00 and release the mouse. Now the soundtrack will begin at 2 seconds rather than the beginning of the timeline.

Open the History palette by choosing Window > History.

Click the second-to-last command “Lift and Insert Selection” to undo the clip change you made in step 4. Premiere Elements records each action you make and allows you to revert to a previous state of your project by clicking on the name of the action. The most recent actions are at the bottom of the history list, so as you move up the list, you move back one “Step.”

In addition to the History palette, Premiere Elements supports multiple undos using Ctrl+Z. Each time you press Ctrl+Z you are undoing another step. You can also Redo a step by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Z. Both Undo and Redo can also be found in the Edit menu.

Choose File > Save.

Congratulations, you have now finished this lesson.



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