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Lesson 3. The Workspace > Customizing the workspace

Customizing the workspace

Upon first opening a project, Premiere Elements will attempt to fit all the windows and palettes into the available space on your monitor. However, windows and palettes can be moved and resized according to your needs. Premiere Elements has six default workspaces which can be located in the Task bar and alternatively in the Window > Workspace pulldown menu.

When you open a Premiere Elements project, the Edit workspace is displayed. Click the Title bar of the Monitor window and drag it down to the bottom of the screen over the Timeline window.

Click the Capture button in the Task bar at the top of the screen and the Capture window appears, but the Monitor window that you moved in the last step is in its original location. This is because you are now in the Capture workspace, and Premiere Elements places all the windows in a set location within each workspace.

Choose Window > Workspace > Edit to return to the Edit workspace. You can use the menu commands or the buttons in the Task bar; they both do the same thing. Note that your Edit window remains in the location you dragged it in Step 1. This is because Premiere Elements remembers the location of the window and retains it as part of the Edit workspace.

Choose Window > Restore Workspace > Edit, and the Monitor window snaps back to its original location. You should consider restoring your workspace if you find your screen becomes cluttered.



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