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Lesson 10. Sharing Movies > Exporting your video file for the Web

Exporting your video file for the Web

Premiere Elements allows you to export in three different formats: MPEG, Quicktime, and Windows Media. These three formats each have their advantages and disadvantages. One thing they have in common, is that the viewer of the movie must have the appropriate software on their computer to view the files. For example, the Quicktime format (.mov) is the native format for the Macintosh, therefore if you create a Windows Media Player movie (.wmv) and a Macintosh user wants to view it, they must specifically install the Window Media Player software. Likewise, if a Windows user would like to view a Quicktime movie, they must have the Quicktime software installed on their system.

Click on the top of your Timeline window to activate it. Then click the export button in the Task bar and choose Windows Media to open the Export Windows Media window. This window provides you with different export options for your project.

Click on the option Cable Modem/DSL in the For Broadband section. The Preset description describes the settings for this option; Frame Size of 320 x 240, a Frame Rate of 30 fps and an Audio format of 64kbps, 44kHz, stereo VBR. At the bottom of the window in the section marked Your Movie, the Movie length is 1 minute, 28 seconds and the File Size is 17.30 MB.

Click on the option for 56k Modem in the For Dial Up section. The Preset description changes to reflect the new settings; Frame Size of 176 x 144, a Frame Rate of 10 fps and an Audio Format of 10kpbs, 11kHz, mono. The File Size is now 1.2 MB. Approximately 90% smaller in file size than the last setting. However the image quality will be lower as well.

Click OK and name this file Lesson10_56kModem.wmv. Make sure you are saving the file into your Lesson 10 folder and then click the Save button. Premiere Elements will begin to render the movie. This render process may take a few minutes because each frame is actually being scaled and compressed, this requires processing power which translates into time spent rendering.

When complete, Premiere Elements places the movie file into your Lesson 10 folder. Minimize Premiere Elements and locate the Lesson10_56kModem.wmv file on your hard drive. Double-clicking it should open the media player designated to play.wmv files on your machine. This allows you to view the movie at the smaller file size.



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