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Lesson 9. Creating a DVD > Working with submenus

Working with submenus

For many people the last four exercises will fulfill most DVD menu needs; applying a DVD template to a project, modifying the menu appearance, and automatically generating DVD markers. Premiere Elements also offers more advanced DVD features. For example, many Hollywood DVDs have a bonus or deleted clips section in the main menu. Premiere Elements allows you to add a submenu button to your main menu using additional DVD markers. In this exercise you will add a button on the Main menu linking directly to the credits as well as a button linking to a special video clip.

Click on the Main Menu 1 thumbnail in the DVD Layout window to view the main menu. There are currently two buttons in this menu: the Play Movie and Scene Selection buttons. However, there is space for two more buttons.

Click on the top of the Timeline window to make it active. Click on the PageDown button on your keyboard to navigate to the beginning of the Rolling Credits clip, located at 00;01;23;21 of your timeline.

Click on the Set DVD marker button on the left-hand side of your timeline to open the DVD Marker window. Pull down the menu located in the Marker Type section and choose Main Menu marker. In the Name field, type Credits. Click OK. In the DVD Layout menu a third button named Credits has been added to the page.

Click on the Preview DVD button and then click on the Credits button to jump directly to the credit sequence. Notice at the end of the Credit sequence (which is the end of the project) the default action is to return to the Main Menu. It will be important to keep this in mind for the next exercise.

Close the Preview DVD menu by clicking the Close button in the upper right corner.



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