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Lesson 4. Basic Editing > Rearranging the order of clips - Pg. 47

Basic Editing 47 Rearranging the order of clips Premiere Elements allows you to rearrange the order of clips in your timeline by clicking and drag- ging. 1. Place your current-time indicator at the beginning of the second clip (approximately 16 seconds) and press the spacebar. Play the project until the end. In the first clip of the children lined up, notice the girl in red is closest to the camera, yet the next shot is a closeup of a boy. To make the shot flow more smoothly, you will place a closeup of the girl in red directly after the first clip. Press the PageUp key on your keyboard to jump to the 39;22 second mark, which is the Birth- day500 08.avi, a closeup of the girl in red. Place your cursor over the clip and drag the entire clip to the left. Do not let go of the mouse. Align the beginning of the Birthday500 08.avi clip with the end of the Birthday500 03 clip. Pay careful attention to your time ruler, you need to see a black vertical line on the time ruler to make sure the clip is aligning exactly on the edit line. Once you have found the correct position, release the clip. 2. 3.