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Lesson 4. Basic Editing > The Real-Time editing experience

The Real-Time editing experience

The process of editing involves taking your initial series of clips and placing them in some sort of order, a process sometimes referred to as a rough cut. Once you are familiar with your footage, you will want to make changes such as deleting, rearranging, or trimming clips. Additionally you will add transitions, titles and effects to create a final cut. Premiere Elements plays back full-resolution frames in the Timeline monitor without waiting for your timeline to render. Rendering calculates all the frames needed to be played, stores them, and then streams them from RAM for smooth playback. It is also possible (although not required) to preview your project on an external video monitor such as your TV.

Setting up your hardware

This step is optional and is not required to complete any of the lessons in this Classroom in a Book. Arranging video/audio output from Premiere Elements to an external monitor takes a bit of setup but is often worthwhile. Computer monitors and television monitors use two different methods for displaying video, therefore the color and brightness levels you see on your computer monitor often do not match those on a standard television set. Previewing your video on a television will allow you to spot potential issues such as the length of shots, transitions, titles, etc., earlier rather than later in a project.

To connect your computer to your VCR & TV:

Connect the FireWire cable (also known as IEEE 1394) from your FireWire port on your PC to the FireWire port on your DV camcorder.

Using an AV connector (which should have come with your DV camcorder), connect your camcorder to your TV set.

Turn on your camcorder and set it to the VCR Setting.

Based on your television, you most likely will have to change the Video input to “Video 1” or “Line 1.”

Play a project in your timeline to make sure you are viewing the output on your television set or video monitor.

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