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Lesson 7. Advanced Effects > Raising and lowering volume with keyframes

Raising and lowering volume with keyframes

Understanding how keyframes function is important if you want to improve the amount of control you have over the look and sound of your video projects. Keyframes can be used to control fixed effects, such as the opacity from the last exercise, and to dynamically change the volume of your audio tracks as well. In this exercise you will add keyframes to lower the volume of a segment from a music track.

If necessary, scroll down to the bottom of your media window and locate the file effects_soundtrack.wav. Additionally, if necessary, scroll down your Timeline window and locate the Audio 2 track. You may need to zoom out to see all the clips in your timeline by clicking the Zoom Out button ().

Click and drag the effects_soundtrack.wav file from the Media window into the Audio 2 track. Be sure to place the beginning of the clip flush against the beginning of the timeline. Notice after the clip is placed into the timeline it has is an orange connector line. This is the control for the Volume:Level keyframes.

Place the current-time indicator at the beginning of the project and press the spacebar to listen to the soundtrack. In the section where the man is talking, the soundtrack is competing with his voice. You will first lower the overall volume of the music track so the voice is easier to hear.

Place your cursor over the orange connector line in the effects_soundtrack clip and drag downwards. As you drag, a small yellow menu appears; change the value to approximately -8 db.

You lowered the volume of the entire clip, now you will bring the volume back up to its original level, but only after the man has stopped talking. Drag the current-time indicator to the 15 second mark. Place your cursor on the yellow connector line in the effects_soundtrack.wav clip and Ctrl-click to add a keyframe at the 15 second mark.

Move your cursor to the right, the exact position is not important. Ctrl-click again on the connector line to add a second keyframe.

Now place your cursor over the second keyframe and click and drag it upwards and to the right. Using the settings in the yellow context menu, move the keyframe at a time position of 16;27 seconds and with a volume level of approximately 5 db.

To hear this change, place your current-time indicator at the 7 second mark and press the spacebar to play. You should be able to hear the music track in the background. As soon as the man stops talking, the volume of the music track quickly increases.



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