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Lesson 11. Advanced Editing > Using clip and timeline markers

Using clip and timeline markers

As the video projects you work on become longer and longer you will find the need to identify various sections of your movies. Premiere Elements provides two main methods of marking important points in a project. Clip markers are used within an individual clip—to identify a particular action or sound, for example. Timeline markers are placed in a movie to mark scenes, locations for titles, or other significant points. In this exercise you will add a clip marker to identify a specific point in a clip and timeline markers to identify where you would like to add titles.

Double-click the clip sled.avi in your timeline. This loads the clip into the Monitor window.

In the Monitor window, click and drag the current-time indicator to the 12 second, 22 frame mark. This marks the point in the scene where the boy is falling off the sled.

Click the Marker icon () at the bottom of the Monitor window (located to the right of the shuttle control). This adds a clip marker to the sled.avi clip currently in your timeline.

Click and drag the sled.avi clip to the right and notice that the clip marker moves in synchronization with the clip. This signifies that wherever that clip might be moved within the timeline, the marker will always follow and identify this point in the clip. You might use this feature to add a sound effect at this point, for example. Make sure you place the clip back in its original location.



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