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Chapter 22. Video Cubes > Adding Reading Material

Adding Reading Material

Your next task is to create the background of words crisscrossing the screen behind the video cube. You'll create a line of text and stagger copies of it in time with the help of layer markers, to create a loop of words sliding across the screen in a single line:

Create a new composition named “letters 1 row Forward”, using the NTSC D1 Square Pix, 720×540 composition preset, with Duration 59;28.

Go to time 0;00, and create a Text layer that displays the following text on a single line with Font Family set to Arial or Helvetica Neue and Text Size set to 26:

hard working • ambitious • creative • problem solvers • authors • parents • people like you • musicians • painters • geeks • lovers •

Most of this text appears offscreen because of the length of the layer.

With the text layer still selected in the Timeline, go to time 8;00, and then press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and the ] key to change the layer's Out point to the current time. This shortens the layer to 8 seconds.

Still at time 8;00, add a Position keyframe to the text layer and set its value to -1108, 270. This puts the text completely offscreen.

Go to time 0;00, and change the layer's Position to 1832, 270. The text is still offscreen, but now you should see the dots of the layer's motion path going horizontally across the middle of the comp.

Go to time 6;02, and choose Layer > Add Marker to add a layer marker at the current time. You'll use this marker to make the words travel continuously across the screen.

Duplicate the text layer 10 times so you have a total of 11 copies. Notice that the duplicate layers retain the layer marker you added to the original.

To go to time –6;02, click the Current Time Marker in the upper-left corner of the Timeline. In the Go To Time dialog, enter –6;02 (that's negative 6;02). The Current Time Indicator disappears, since you're currently outside the duration of the Timeline.

Still at time –6;02, select the bottommost text layer in the Timeline, and then press [ on your keyboard to move the layer to start at the current time. Note that the layer above starts where the bottommost layer's layer marker appears in time.

The selected layer's In point is off the Timeline.

Leave the bottom two layers where they are in time, and line up all other layers so that each starts where the layer marker of the layer below it appears in time. The easiest method is to go the point in time where the lower layer's marker appears and then Shift+drag the layer above to snap the start of the layer's duration bar to the current time at the layer marker.

Staggering the layers in time so each starts at the layer marker of the layer below it



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