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Chapter 11. Raining Slogans > Adding the Slogans

Adding the Slogans

Now you'll pull the project elements together in a master composition. You'll animate a new slogan with the Raining Characters Out preset and use the resulting animation as a faint background:

Create a comp named Master Comp, using the NTSC D1 Square Pix, 720×540 preset, with Duration 15;00 seconds.

Select the Horizontal Type tool, and set the following in the Character and Paragraph palettes:

Font Family: Arial Black

Font Size: 24px

Alignment: Center Text

At time 0;00, create a new layer in the middle of the Composition window by choosing Layer > New > Text. Type MANAGE THE FUTURE on one line, press Enter or Return on your keyboard, and type OF YOUR BUSINESS on the next line.

The new text slogan

Still at time 0;00, apply Animation > Apply Animation Preset >Text > Animate Out > Raining Characters Out to the text layer.


When you choose Animation > Apply Animation Preset, After Effects should open the Presets folder. If it doesn't, you can locate that folder by navigating to the After Effects application folder > Support Files > Presets > Text.

Go to time 0;00, and add a Scale keyframe of 1000, 1000% and a 0% Opacity keyframe to the text layer.

Go to time 1;00, and change Scale to 100, 100% and Opacity to 100%.

These keyframes are timed to fade in the slogan just as the Text Stack Comp animation starts to rain in the letters in the text From Dreams to Ideas to Business Solutions.

At time 4;00, press Alt + ] (Windows) or Option + ] (Mac OS) to trim the layer's Out point.

Go to time 0;00, and add the Text Stack Comp from the Project window to the Timeline.

Go to time 7;00, and add the Text Stack Comp to the Master Comp Timeline again—but below the MANAGE THE FUTURE text layer. Now the Timeline has a Text Stack Comp starting at time 0;00 and another copy starting at time 7;00.

Set the Opacity of the bottom Text Stack Comp (located at time 7;00) to 30%, and don't add a keyframe.

The Master Comp Timeline

At time 0;07, the slogan MANAGE THE FUTURE fades in.

At time 1;14, the MANAGE… text rains out of the scene as the other text rains in.



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