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Chapter 16. Fast and Easy Lighting > Extruding the Main Title

Extruding the Main Title

To create the main title, you'll use the Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator effect, which generates three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional Adobe Illustrator files. Once you generate the 3D object, you can animate it in 3D space and view it from any angle. Follow these steps:

Go to time 1:00, and create a new comp-size Solid layer named A&C Title that's any color. Make sure the solid is above the other layers in the Timeline.

Apply Effect > Zaxwerks > 3D Invigorator to the A&C Title layer, and open the A&C.ai file from this chapter's folder on the book's DVD.

Options for the 3D Invigorator effect in the Effect Controls window

To assign a style to the title, click Options next to the 3D Invigorator name in the Effect Controls window to open the 3D Invigorator SetUp Window dialog. In the Object Styles tab, select a style that will make the title complement the video footage; drag the style to the text in the Scene Preview area of the dialog, and click OK.

Assigning a style to the title

In the Effect Controls window, expand the 3D Invigorator effect's Camera group, and add a keyframe at time 1:00 to each property in the group.

To set the title to start nearly offscreen, set the effect's properties as listed here:

Camera Eye X: 300

Camera Eye Y: 500

Camera Eye Z: 500

Camera Target X: 0.62

Camera Target Y: 3.51

Camera Target Z: 8.51

Camera Distance: 9.37

Camera Tumble Left: 1.24

Camera Tumble Up: 81.51

Camera Roll: 0.00

Camera Ortho Size: 5.16

Settings for the 3D Invigorator effect's first keyframe

Go to time 3:00, and change the 3D Invigorator effect's properties to the following:

Camera Distance: 554.29

Camera Tumble Left: -2.78

Camera Tumble Up: 17.19

Camera Ortho Size: 305.56

Expand the A&C Title's Material Options group in the Timeline, and turn on the Casts Shadows option. This enables the layer to cast shadows caused by the lights you'll add in the next section.



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