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Chapter 18. Exotic Sketch-a-Car > Creating a Grid - Pg. 272

Exotic Sketch-a-Car 272 Adjusting the levels Now that the base project is complete, you may notice a few things that could use a little adjusting. For starters, the top video box is brighter than the others, and it's a different color. Instead of cor- recting the top video, though, you'll brighten the other two layers since their tones are a little flat. You'll adjust the color in the next section after you've nested the Car composition into a new parent composition; then you can adjust the color of all the layers by applying an effect to the nested composition. Follow these steps: 1. 2. Select the Saleen_Car_02 and Saleen_Car_04 layers in the Car Timeline, and apply Effect > Adjust > Levels to the layers. With both layers still selected in the Timeline, set the Levels effect's Input White property to 150 in the Effect Controls window. (Setting this value for one of the layer's Levels effect sets the value for both selected layers.) Creating a Grid Now you'll give the project some added pizzazz by creating a gridded background. Creating the grid is easy, thanks to the Grid effect, but making the black area around the Saleen car transparent is tricky. You'll start by creating a new composition to contain the work you've done so far, the grid, and the remaining elements of this project, including the company logo and slogans: 1. Create a new composition named Master, using the NTSC DV, 720×480 composition preset, with Duration 10;00 seconds.