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Chapter 7. Animated Columns > Building the Car Sequence

Building the Car Sequence

The subject of this project's movie is a Saleen vehicle, which is featured in the ten pieces of footage you imported. In this section, you'll trim all that footage to the same duration, and then use a really quick method (just one step!) to distribute the footage across the Timeline and create a transition between the pieces:

Drag all ten Saleen_Car movies from the Project window into the Sequence Comp Timeline.

Go to time 2;00, select all the layers, and then press Alt + ] (Windows OS) or Option + ] (Mac OS) to trim the layers' Out point to the current time. (If you don't press Alt or Option, you'll move the layers' Duration bars instead of trimming them.)

Trimming the layers

You want each layer of footage to fade into the next sequentially, so you'll stagger the layers in time and add a transition between each pair.

Make sure all the layers are still selected. From the top of the application, choose Animation > Keyframe Assistant > Sequence Layers.

In the Sequence Layers dialog, check the Overlap box, set the Duration to 1;00 second, and set Transition to Dissolve Front Layer.

Settings for the Sequence Layers command

With all the layers still selected, press T on your keyboard to reveal their Opacity properties. Notice that Opacity keyframes were created for each layer to fade them out over a 1 second duration.



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