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Lesson 1. Working with the Interface > Adjusting the Timeline

Adjusting the Timeline

When you work in the Timeline, you can control the height of the tracks and the magnification of the sequence. Each of these adjustments simply changes how the clips are displayed in the Timeline.

In the bottom of the Timeline, move the pointer over the fourth control from the left, the Track Height control. Select different columns to see the track height options. Click the second column to return to that option.

From the menu, choose Sequence > Settings, or press Cmd-0 (zero). Click the Timeline Options tab.

Click the Thumbnail Display pop-up menu and make sure Name Plus Thumbnail is selected.

In this pop-up menu, you can choose whether you want to view the clips in your Timeline with thumbnail images, just by name, or as a visual filmstrip.

Click OK to close the window.

Beneath the tracks of the Timeline are a zoom control and zoom slider used to adjust the horizontal scale of the tracks and the position of the sequence within the Timeline.

Move the playhead to the middle of the sequence.

In the zoom control box, drag the zoom control to the left to magnify or zoom into the sequence.

Notice in the ruler area the timecode numbers also expand and contract to reflect the zoom change.


You can also zoom into the Timeline by pressing Option-+ and zoom out by pressing Option-–(minus sign).

Drag the zoom slider left and right to change the portion of the sequence that is in view.


If the playhead is not visible in the current zoom, click the tiny purple line in the zoom slider area. This line represents the playhead location. Clicking it will bring that area of the sequence into view.

Press Shift-Z to place the entire sequence in the Timeline view.



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