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Lesson 6. Two-Sided Trimming > Slipping by Numbers and Shortcuts

Slipping by Numbers and Shortcuts

Another way to slip a clip is by typing in the number of frames or even seconds you want to slip, just as you did with the Roll tool in the previous exercise. In order to use numbers or other shortcuts to slip a clip, the clip must first be selected in the Timeline.

Press A to restore the default Selection tool and select the bug buried clip in the sequence. Play the clip.

With the current In and Out points in this clip, you never see the bug emerge from under the sand. That happens several seconds later.

Now select the Slip tool from the Tool palette, or press S.

Type –5. (minus 5 followed by a period) in the Timeline and press Return.


If you would drag left with the Slip tool, use a minus amount when entering a slip duration. If you would drag right, just enter the number directly.

Play the new clip content.

You can also apply the same shortcut keys (left and right brackets) you used to roll in the previous exercise.

First, move the playhead toward the end of the bug buried clip to see what the antlers are currently doing. Make sure the Slip tool is selected.

To move further in this same direction, and get more antler activity into the clip, click the left bracket key several times. If you want to move several frames at one time, Shift-click the left bracket key.


The amount of frames you slip by Shift-clicking the left bracket is determined in the Multi-Frame Trim Size entry in the General tab of the User Preferences window (Option-Q).



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