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Lesson 4. Other Editing Options > Editing Sound Bites

Editing Sound Bites

In earlier lessons, you added narration and music tracks to a sequence. But sequences are often built around someone speaking on-camera with a sound track composed of several sound bites, or individual sot clips that represent a complete sentence or thought. In this exercise, you will mark and edit sound bites from the Al Giddings documentary footage.

From the SOT Clips bin in the Browser, open the anatole sot clip into the Viewer and play it.

This is an audio/video clip and has both a Video and Stereo (a1a2) tab in the Viewer. The single Stereo (a1a2) tab indicates that two tracks of source audio (a1 and a2) are combined as a stereo pair.

In the Timeline track control area, the v1, a1, and a2 Source controls are connected to, or patched, to the V1, A1, and A2 Destination controls.

Play the clip again and mark an In point before Al Giddings begins to speak on the intercom. Mark an Out point after he finishes speaking.

Place the playhead at the head of the Timeline, and edit the clip into the sequence as an Overwrite edit.

Notice the line beneath the clip name on each track. This indicates that the clip tracks are linked together.

Click once on the V1 portion of the clip in the Timeline.

All tracks become selected.

Deselect the clip, and click in either one of the audio tracks.

Again, all tracks become selected.

Open the cam rolling sot clip. Mark an In point after Al says, “Roger that…,” just before he says, “Roger,” for the second time. Set an Out point by entering 4.15 in the Timecode Duration field. Place it in the Timeline at the end of the first clip.


You can use the left and right arrow keys to move the playhead forward or back one frame at a time. If you are using a two-button mouse with scroll ability, the mouse scroll will scrub through the clip a frame at a time also.

Open the debris vis bad sot clip and mark an In point at the beginning of the sound bite and an Out point after he says, “…out here in the debris field.” Edit the clip to the Timeline as an Overwrite edit.

Open and mark the sound bites in the following clips, then edit them to the Timeline as Overwrite edits to complete building the sound track for this sequence.

  • birthday sot

    Mark the In point at the head of the clip and the Out point after “…your birthday.”

  • right ocean sot

    Mark an In point before he starts speaking and an Out point after he says, “Over.”

  • right ocean sot

    In the same clip, mark a new In point just before the person off camera begins speaking and an Out point after Emory stops talking.

Play the sequence.


The edit points of this and other sequences in this lesson will need to be refined by trimming and adjusting. You will make these changes in the next two lessons.

Press Cmd-S to save your project.

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