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Lesson 4. Other Editing Options > Preparing the Project

Preparing the Project

To prepare for this lesson, you will launch Final Cut Pro, open the project for this lesson, and play one of the finished sequences.

Choose File > Open, or press Cmd-O.

Choose the Lesson 4 Project file from the FCP4 Book Files > Lessons folder on your hard drive.

Click the triangle to expand the SOT Clips bin.

The names of these clips all end with sot, which stands for sound on tape. An sot clip contains dialog of someone speaking on camera, as opposed to just natural or background sound.

If you want to close any other projects that may be open from a previous session, Ctrl-click their name tabs in the Browser and select Close Tab from the contextual menu.


Final Cut Pro allows you to work with multiple projects open at one time. Closing a project here is just a matter of simplifying what you're looking at in the interface as you move through the lesson.

In the Timeline, play the SOT Finished sequence. This is one of the sequences you will create in this lesson.

This footage is from a CBS special called Titanic – Treasure of the Deep. Al Giddings and his crew went to the bottom of the ocean in MIR subs to shoot footage of the Titanic. In this sequence, Al and the crew have not yet found the site.


This footage was shot on Digital Beta, upconverted to High Definition, then downconverted to DV. These clips were captured from the DV source.

In the Browser, create a new sequence and name it SOT Build.


Remember you can create a new sequence directly in the Sequences bin by Ctrl-clicking the bin and selecting New Sequence from the contextual menu.

Double-click to open the new SOT Build sequence in the Timeline.

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