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Adding Audio

Throughout this book, you will learn numerous ways to work with audio in Final Cut Pro. In this lesson, you will simply open an audio-only narration clip and add it to the sequence. You will use the full length of the clip, so marking the clip will not be necessary.

In the Browser, click the small triangle next to the Audio bin.

Double-click the intro narration sound clip to open it in the Viewer and click the Play button or press the spacebar to play it.


Check your computer's audio levels to make sure you can hear the clip.

In the Viewer, the clip appears with a single Stereo (a1a2) audio tab displaying two tracks of stereo audio. (This tab also has additional audio controls, which will be covered in a later lesson.)

In the Timeline track controls area, only a1 and a2 Source controls appear and are patched to the A1 and A2 destination tracks.

Click the Timeline to make it active, and press Home to move the playhead to the beginning of the sequence, where you will edit the narration track.

Click the Overwrite button to edit the audio clip at this location.

The narration track is laid in the Timeline on A1 and A2 from the beginning of the sequence.

Click the Timeline to make it active and press Shift-Z to bring the entire track into full view.

Press the Home key and play the sequence with the narration.

The narration track is a little longer than the current V1 track. You will add more video edits in the next Insert exercise.



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