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Lesson 2. Marking and Editing > Preparing to Edit

Preparing to Edit

Before you edit marked clips into a new sequence in the Timeline, you need to do a little preparation. First, you need to create the new, empty sequence in the Browser, name it, and open it in the Timeline. Then you have to position the playhead where you want to make the edits and make sure the the clip will go to the correct track.

In the Browser, click the triangle to display the contents of the Sequences bin.

Ctrl-click in the empty gray area of the Browser to bring up the contextual menu and select New Sequence.


You can also create a new sequence by choosing File > New > Sequence, or pressing Cmd-N in the Browser.

In the Browser, a new sequence icon appears with Sequence 2 (or other sequential number) in the name area.

In the sequence name area, type My Sahara Intro, and press Return.

To keep the elements in your Browser organized, drag the new sequence into the Sequences bin.

Double-click this sequence to open it in the Timeline.

The Timeline now contains two sequence tabs identifying the two open sequences. The same two sequence tabs appear in the Canvas as well.

To prepare for the first edit, make sure the playhead is parked at the head of the sequence.

The playhead position determines the placement of the edit in the sequence, and the clip's marked duration determines how much of the clip is used.

On the far left of the Timeline is a track control area. Each track you use in a sequence is given a different number, such as V1 and V2 for video tracks, and A1 and A2 for audio tracks. You can control certain aspects of each track using the track controls. For now, look at the v1 Source control.

When you open a clip into the Viewer, Source controls appear in the Timeline track area for that clip. The clips you have been marking are all video only clips. Therefore, you will see just a v1 Source control. When a Source control is connected or patched to the upper case V1 Destination control, the source video will be edited to the V1 track in the Timeline.

Make sure the v1 source track is connected, or patched, to the V1 destination track.



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