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Lesson 20. Creating an Animated Title > Creating Effects from Scratch

Creating Effects from Scratch

Adding effects in LiveType is as easy as choosing from a list of prebuilt effects and clicking the Apply button. You can also create an effect from scratch by adding keyframes and changing motion parameters. One of the big differences between LiveType and other animating applications is that instead of every parameter having its own keyframe, in LiveType all the parameters are stored in one keyframe for that moment in time.

Click on the Horde effect in the Timeline and press the Delete key.

The effect is removed from the Timeline.

Choose Track > Add New Effect, or press Cmd-E.

A new effect bar appears under the title track in the Timeline.

Click the right edge of the effect bar and drag it out so that it is the same length as the title track.

In the Canvas zoom pop-up menu, change the size to 50%.

Move the playhead to the beginning of the Timeline, to specify where the animation is to begin. Make sure the effect bar is selected in the Timeline by clicking on it.

In the Canvas, click one of the letters and drag it above the viewable area.

All the letters follow. When you release the mouse, the text disappears, because it has moved above the frame.

Though the letters are gone, in their place is a bounding box for the letter you dragged and a motion path from the title's off-screen position to the original position.

The wireframe preview is now showing the animation that you created.

Click the Play button in the Canvas.

The animation plays in a loop.

Click the Canvas Loop button to play the animation without looping.

You have now specified that the title will start off-frame and end in the center. LiveType has interpolated the in-between frames to create the animation.

Drag the playhead to the middle of the title. Stop dragging when the yellow playhead position box reads 1:15.

Choose Track > Add Keyframe, or press Cmd-K.

A diamond keyframe appears in the effect bar at the playhead position.

Click one of the letters in the Canvas and drag it below the blue track line.


A selected track in the Canvas is identified by a thicker blue line with square endpoints on either end. In the Timeline, a selected track has a darker blue color.

All the other letters follow, and you have now defined a position parameter for the middle keyframe. Check your wireframe preview and you will see that the animation starts above the frame, moves down to the lower portion of the frame by the middle of the track, and then moves back up to the center of the frame by the end of the track.

Click the Play button in the Canvas or press the spacebar to view the animation.



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