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Lesson 16. Building a Composite Image > Rendering and Exporting Comps

Rendering and Exporting Comps

Depending on their complexity, composite images may not always play back smoothly in real time. If you want to see every frame of the comp play in real time, you have some options. You can preview the comp, render it load it into RAM, or export the comp and import it back into the project as its own master clip.

Press Option-P to preview the square meter comp.

To load this clip into RAM, move the playhead over the clip and choose Tools > QuickView, or press Option-8.

Click the Play button in the QuickView window.

The clip will play slowly as it is loaded into RAM. When it has finished loading, the clip will play in real time. Close the QuickView window when you are finished.

To render this comp, choose Safe RT from the RT pop-up menu, select it, and press Cmd-R. Play the clip.

After rendering, the comp plays smoothly in real time.

You can also export the distinctive life vid chroma key comp so you can use it as a separate clip in this and other projects.

Mark an In point at the beginning of the distinctive life vid comp in the Timeline, then mark an Out point at the end of the clip.


Make sure you see the end-of-clip indicator in the lower-right corner of the Canvas. If necessary, move the playhead back one frame.

Choose File > Export > QuickTime Movie to export it using the current Final Cut Pro settings.

Enter leaves comp as the name, select Media > Exports as the destination, click the Make Movie Self-Contained box, and click Save.

To import this clip into this project, choose File > Import > Files, or press Cmd-I.

Navigate to the Media > Exports folder and select leaves comp. Click Choose.

In the Browser, double-click to open the leaves comp clip into the Viewer.

The comp is a single clip and can be edited or handled as one clip.



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