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Lesson 12. Applying Transitions > Favorite and Default Transitions

Favorite and Default Transitions

There are two features that allow you to personalize your transition options. If you plan to use a particular transition over and over again, you can make a favorite of the effect and keep it in the Favorites bin in the Effects tab. You can also create a different default transition for audio and video than the one currently set. Making a transition a favorite effect or the default transition allows you to easily use it in other projects.

In the Browser Effects tab, click the triangle to display the contents of the Favorites bin.

Unless you have already saved some effects, this bin will be empty.

In the Timeline, drag the Ripple dissolve from between the snow on trees and atlas mtns cu clips into the Effects tab and over the Favorites bin. When the Favorites bin becomes highlighted, release the mouse.

The Ripple Dissolve transition is added to the Favorites bin.

Change the length or duration of this effect in the Effects tab by clicking in the Length column and typing 3 seconds, either as 300, or 3. (period), and pressing Return.

The Length column displays the 3-second length you programmed. You can apply this transition as you would any other transition.

Choose Effects > Favorites.

Any transition you put in the Favorites bin appears on this submenu and can be selected like any other transition.

To change the current video default transition (the cross dissolve), first select it in the Dissolves bin in the Effects tab.

Choose Effects > Clear default, from the menu.

In the Effects tab, the underline beneath the Cross Dissolve name no longer appears. Currently, no default transitions are set.

Select the Dip to Color Dissolve, and change the length to 10 frames.

Choose Effects > Set Default.

The default line appears under the name of this transition.


You can also select a different transition and choose Effects > Set Default. This will automatically clear the previous default and replace it with the one you just selected.

In the Timeline, select any edit point, then choose Effects > Default.

In the Effects menu, the default listed is now Dip to Color. Using the shortcut Cmd-T in the Timeline will now place a Dip to Color transition at the edit point as the default transition.



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