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Lesson 19. Adding Text and Graphics > Working with Title 3D

Working with Title 3D

In addition to using the generators under the Text submenu of the Generator pop-up menu, there is also a Title 3D option. In this option, a separate text window opens in which you can make a number of style choices and save them as part of a style palette that you can then apply to other clips in other projects.

Move the playhead to the end of the sequence, and target the V1 track.

Select Title 3D from the Generated Items pop-up menu.

A large title window opens with several text opens.

Title 3D options are organized via small tabs running vertically down the left side of the window. The different tabs are Text Style, Text Wrap, Text Fill, Edge Style, and Shadow Type. Next to some of the tabs are tiny check boxes for toggling the options on and off.

With the first tab selected, type The End in the large gray text area, and drag over the letters to select the text.


To see the true colors of the text, not the highlighted version, as you make changes, click in a numerical entry box after highlighting the text.

Choose Arial Black; click in the font-size box and enter 58.

Click the third tab, and in the Text Fill box select Gradient.

Click the box next to Click to Edit Gradient.

A Gradient Editor window opens with at least two paint buckets attached to the horizontal bar. These represent the colors of the gradient.

Make these changes in the Gradient Editor:

  • Click the first bucket to select it, and click the Color box to choose a color.

  • Select a hue from the Colors window and click OK.

  • Click the second paint bucket, and choose a second color. Click OK.

Click the fourth tab and make the following changes:

  • Check the T1 box to toggle on the effect.

  • Choose an edge color by clicking in the Color box to bring up the Colors window.

  • Change the Edge width to .98 and opacity to 80%.

  • With the text selected, click the fifth tab, Shadow Type, and check the T1 box.

  • From the Shadow Type pop-up menu, select Cast Shadow, add a light color, and select both a distance and opacity.

Click Apply.


To skew Title 3D text letters, adjust the Style Skew rotation wheels for the X and Y axes on the first tab. You can also animate these and other Title 3D parameters in the Controls tab in the Viewer.

To save these settings as a specific style you can apply to other Title 3D text, click the Style Palette button in the lower window area.

In the upper left of the Style Palette window, click the Add Category button, and enter Sahara Style as the Category name.

Then click the Add Style button, and check the boxes for any of the attributes you want to include in this style. Click Apply.

Now that you have made the Title 3D choices, you still need to bring the clip into the Timeline.

Witrh the playhead at the end of the sequence and the Video tab selected in the Viewer, drag the clip to the Canvas overlay and edit this as an Overwrite edit.


If you wish to make further changes, open the clip in the Viewer, choose the Controls tab, and click the Title 3D icon to open the 3D window again.

Plary the finished sequence.



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