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Lesson 15. Adding Filters > Applying Audio Filters

Applying Audio Filters

You can also apply filters to the audio portion of a clip the same way you apply video filters: by dragging the filter from the Audio Filters bin in the Effects tab or choosing an option from the Effects menu. You can use an audio filter to help improve overall audio quality or to create a special effect such as an echo. You can also add a corrective filter to remove a specific sound. Let's apply a few audio filters to a sequence.

Open the Audio Filters sequence and play it.

This is the Sahara Vistas - Dissolve sequence from Lesson 12 without sound effects. Let's change the narrator's audio in the different faces clip so he sounds like his voice is ethereal.

Double-click the different faces clip to open it in the Viewer.

Click the Filters tab, and choose Effects > Audio Filters > Final Cut Pro > Reverberation to apply a filter from the Effects menu.

The audio filter is displayed under the Stereo 1 Filters heading in the Filters tab. The Reverberation filter has four parameters that are each controlled by sliders or by entering a numerical value in the boxes. Let's use the default settings of Effect Mix = 50, Effect Level = 0, Brightness = 0, and Type = Room (medium).

Play the different faces audio clip in the Timeline.

The default Reverberation filter makes the narrator sound like he's larger than life.

Click the Effects tab and click the Audio Filters triangle to display its contents. Display the contents of the Final Cut Pro folder.

The audio filter icon is a speaker with an overlay covering it.

To make the narrator sound like he's speaking to a crowd, drag the Echo filter to the winter audio clip.

When the Echo filter is dragged onto the audio tracks of this clip, the audio tracks become outlined, just as they do when dragging a video filter to a clip.

Play the clip in the Timeline.

Play the winter audio clip.

Now the narrator sounds like he's speaking to a crowd.

Press Cmd-S to save the project.



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