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Lesson 15. Adding Filters > Applying Video Filters

Applying Video Filters

You apply a video filter almost exactly as you would a video transition. You can drag it from the Video Filters bin in the Effects tab directly to a clip in the Timeline. You can also select the clip in the Timeline and choose a filter from the Effects menu. But unlike transitions, which are applied to an edit point, filters are applied to the body of the clip. Some filters will require rendering in order to play them in real-time play speed. But you can also preview them the way you did transitions.

In the Timeline, park the playhead on the first clip, leaves falling.

As with transitions, parking the playhead on the clip allows you to see how that clip is changed as you apply a filter.

In the Browser, select the Effects tab and click the triangle next to the Video Filters bin.

Click the triangle next to the Stylize bin to display its contents.

All the filters within this bin can create stylized and often extreme changes to the appearance of a clip.


All filter icons look the same regardless of how a specific filter affects a clip. Opening the Video Filters bin and looking at the filters in the larger View as Medium Icons makes it easy to see an image of a clip with a filter covering it.

Drag the Find Edges filter icon to the first clip in the sequence, but don't release the mouse.

When you drag the filter to the clip, a brown selection outline appears around the clip to indicate that you are applying a filter.

Release the filter on the clip.

The Find Edges filter creates an effect of extreme contrast that outlines the edges of the image in the clip.

Above the ruler area in the Timeline, a colored render bar appears, which indicates the render status for that clip. If the render bar is green, the clip will play in real time without dropping frames. If it's orange, the clip will play in real time but may drop frames along the way. If it's red, the clip must be rendered to view it at all.

Park the playhead at the head of the clip and play the clip, or press Option-P to preview it.

To use the menu approach to applying a filter, select the second clip, river, and park the playhead over it to see its changes.

Choose Effects > Video Filters > Stylize > Find Edges.

The filter is applied to the selected clip, and you see the change in the Canvas.



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