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Lesson 4. RotoShape > Miscellaneous RotoShape Viewer Controls - Pg. 123

Miscellaneous RotoShape Viewer Controls 123 13 Right-click the woman_roto node and choose Render > Render FileOut Nodes from the pop-up menu. 14 When the Render Parameters window opens, click Render. The Monitor window appears and shows the progress of your render. 15 Compare your version with my version. What do you think? Whose ver- sion is better? Well, thank you. I appreciate that. You are so kind. 16 Quit Shake. Rotoshape animation is an essential skill for every compositor, as most large postproduction companies have dedicated artists to create animated mattes. As a roto artist in training, you have gained valuable knowledge. You might even be able to make some money. Miscellaneous RotoShape Viewer Controls Button Name Toggle Fill/No Fill Mode Action Quickly toggles the rendering of the shape on and off. Controls the tangent visibility. When in Pick mode, only the active knot displays a tangent; None hides all tangents; All displays all tangents. Locks or unlocks the tangents of adjacent knots when mov- ing any knot. Show/Hide Tangents Lock/Unlock Tangents