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Lesson 4. RotoShape > Integrating Rotoshapes into the Composite

Integrating Rotoshapes into the Composite

You are now ready to integrate your rotoshapes into your composite.

Go to frame 23 and double-click the Over1 node to view and edit it.

Click the laser clip once to highlight it, and select Outside from the Layer tab.

The Outside function places one image outside the mask of a second image. Only the mask of the second image is considered in the composite, while the color comes from the foreground image. This is a great tool to mask layers. Essentially, the mask created by all of the RotoShape nodes is used to cut a hole in the laser clip, but only in the area of the mask.

Connect the output of the MultiLayer1 node to the right input of Outside1.

The laser beams are now placed behind the woman.

Make a flipbook of Over1.

Evaluate the flipbook frame by frame using the left and right arrow keys.

Make notes as to which frames need further adjustment.

Close the flipbook and edit the various rotoshapes as needed.

Continue until you are satisfied with the edges around the woman where the laser beams cross over her.

When you are satisfied with your work, render the result of the MultiLayer1 node.

Click the MultiLayer1 node once to select it.

Right-click the FileOut node on the Image tab and choose Branch.

When the File Browser opens, go to your home directory and select the Shake_Output folder that you created in Lesson 2.

Enter a filename, woman_roto.#.iff, at the bottom of the File Browser and click OK.

Right-click the woman_roto node and choose Render > Render FileOut Nodes from the pop-up menu.

When the Render Parameters window opens, click Render.

The Monitor window appears and shows the progress of your render.

Compare your version with my version. What do you think? Whose version is better? Well, thank you. I appreciate that. You are so kind.

Quit Shake.

Rotoshape animation is an essential skill for every compositor, as most large postproduction companies have dedicated artists to create animated mattes. As a roto artist in training, you have gained valuable knowledge. You might even be able to make some money.

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