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Chapter 11. Working with Audio > Setting Recording Options - Pg. 327

Working with Audio · · · · · · Audio Clip Properties tool:For trimming audio files. Volume tool (mixer):For adjusting the volume of the various audio tracks. Voice-Over tool:For recording narration segments placed on the Sound Effects track. CD Audio tool:For ripping CD audio tracks that are placed on the Music track. SmartSound tool:For creating background music placed on the Music track. Audio Effects tool:For adding audio effects to any audio track. 327 Figure 11.2. The Audio toolbox contains six tools. Tip · Create your audio tracks last, after all your video edits are finalized. That way, adjust- ments to the video tracks won't throw off the synchronization of the Music and Sound Effect tracks with the video. Setting Recording Options There are two ways to capture audio from an audio CD. The better one is to capture the tracks digitally, a process known as ripping--basically just a file transfer from the CD to your hard drive. Very much like DV capture, it's fast, high-quality, and simple, requiring no real options to set. If that's not available, you can capture CD audio through your sound card, essentially performing an analog-to-digital conversion. You have to set some parameters for the conversion, but they're simple and described in the next task. To set CD-ripping options 1. From the Studio menu, choose Setup > CD and Voice-over. The Pinnacle Studio Setup Options screen opens to the CD and Voice-Over tab (Figure 11.3).