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Part: V Reference > Troubleshooting - Pg. 492

492 Appendix B. Troubleshooting Video capture, editing, and output to tape are without question the most demanding activities most computers ever perform. For this reason, it's not surprising that video editing reveals more "imper- fections" in computers than surfing the Web or word processing. Studio works on Windows 98 (Second Edition), but if you're running this operating system, you're likely running at least three-year-old hardware and perhaps drivers. This is the equivalent of running the Paris to Dakar road race in that jalopy you drove back in college--you may get there, but you're likely to experience a breakdown or two. Keep in mind that not all programs run on all computers (something I've learned testing hundreds of products over the last few years). If you're having problems you can't resolve through techniques in this appendix, through Pinnacle's extensive online help facilities, or directly through technical support, cut your losses. Either try Studio on another computer or return the software. Life is way too short to make a quest of it.