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Chapter 2. Introduction to Studio 9 > Setting Default Durations - Pg. 48

Introduction to Studio 9 48 Figure 2.44. Studio notes the results in the Capture Source tab's Data Rate section. Tip · I've noticed big ranges in test rates when I test several times in sequence. So don't sweat it--expect some variance, and recognize that any score over 10,000 kilobytes per second (Kbyte/sec) should be fine. Optimizing System Disk Performance Is your computer's performance not up to snuff? Assuming that the Disk Defragmenter doesn't indicate that your hardware is faulty, two conditions could be the cause of poor disk performance. First, if you're running Windows 98, direct memory access (DMA) may not be enabled for your capture disk. Enable DMA in the System Properties control by selecting the properties window for your disk drive. DMA is automatically enabled in all operating systems after Windows 98, so this shouldn't be a problem in Windows 2000, Windows Millen-