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Chapter 1. Creating Watchable Video > Using a Feature-Rich Video Editor - Pg. 4

Creating Watchable Video Scene (during shooting):During shooting, the scene is the key area where the action takes place. In a crime drama, the murder scene takes place in the bedroom or boardroom or library. In a football movie, you'll have locker room scenes (tasteful, of course), scenes on the field, and finally the tickertape parade scene, in the center of town. Shot:A shot typically is described in terms of what you're doing with the camera when you're shooting a particular scene. So in a long shot, the camera is very far from the subject (unless you're at the race track, of course), while in a close-up shot, the camera is close to the subject. An establishing or wide shot typically shows the entire scene so that the viewer understands the environment relevant to that footage. You'll learn more about the different types of shots later in this chapter. Scene (during editing):During editing, a scene is a discrete chunk of video composed of one or more shots. Typically, during editing, you identify the scenes you want to use in the final project and then assemble them with your video editor. Clip:A clip is a generic term for a chunk of audio or video that you're editing in Studio's Movie window. It is often used interchangeably with scene . Sequence:A sequence is a group of scenes pieced together. In a wedding video, for instance, you might have a sequence for the rehearsal dinner, a sequence for the ceremony, and a sequence for the reception. You piece these sequences together into a finished movie. Movie:A movie is the end product of your shooting and editing--what you end up with after you've pieced together the various scenes and added all the transitions, titles, and special effects; it's the creative fruit you serve up to your audience. Video:Typically refers to what's transferred from your camcorder to your computer. Video is also used inter- changeably with the term movie . 4 Using a Feature-Rich Video Editor