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Chapter 4. Compositions > Creating Adjustment Layers

Creating Adjustment Layers

You can also create adjustment layers within After Effects—no surprise, when you consider that After Effects can import adjustment layers from Adobe Photoshop (see Chapter 2). Whether you import them or create them in After Effects, adjustment layers work just as they do in Photoshop.

An adjustment layer contains effects, not footage. The effects contained in an adjustment layer are applied to all the layers below it. You save time and effort by applying effects to a single layer rather than multiple layers (Figures 4.61, 4.62, and 4.63). To cut down rendering time, hide the adjustment layer to temporarily disable its effects. You can even change an existing layer into an adjustment layer.

Figure 4.61. In this example, the glowing effect is achieved by applying a radial blur to two layers. You can do this two ways…

Figure 4.62. …either by applying the effect to each layer individually…

Figure 4.63. …or by applying the effect to an adjustment layer, which affects all layers below it in the stacking order. This technique can save time and effort, and can even reduce rendering times.

To create an adjustment layer

Open the Composition window or Timeline window for the composition in which you want to add an adjustment layer, or make sure one of these windows is active.

Choose Layer > New > Adjustment Layer (Figure 4.64).

Figure 4.64. Choose Layer > New > Adjustment Layer.

An adjustment layer appears in the composition. The adjustment layer starts at the current time and uses the default duration for still images.

✓ Tip

  • You can convert an ordinary visible layer to a guide layer, an invisible layer you can use to position and align other layers in a composition. Because they're used in the context of setting a layer's position, guide layers are discussed in Chapter 7.

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