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Lesson 6. QuickPaint > Creating a Write-On Effect

Creating a Write-On Effect

Here's what you have been waiting for—an animated write-on effect.

Click on the Paint brush icon to go back to Paint mode.

Make sure that you are in Persist mode for this effect, because you want to animate the stroke over time.

Persist mode means that the stroke is active during the entire sequence, as opposed to Frame mode, where the paint stroke is active only on the current frame.

Write the word Shake with your neatest handwriting, making sure to write the entire word in one complete stroke.

Your handwriting should look something like this:

Okay, I failed my handwriting class. So what!

Toggle QuickPaint to Edit mode so that you can see the stroke.

The stroke is now superimposed over the painted letters.

The two parameters startPoint and endPoint determine the percentage point at which the stroke starts drawing and at which it ends. You can therefore make a stroke animate its writing by setting keyframes for the endPoint from 0 to 100 over several frames.

In the Edit tab, turn on the Keyframe toggle for the endPoint parameter at frame 1.

Set the value to 0.

Go to frame 50 and set the endPoint to a value of 100.

Drag your slider in the Time Bar.

You should see the word Shake animating. Now, make a flipbook to see it moving in real time.

In the Globals tab, set the timeRange to 1-50.

Click the Flipbook button, play the clip, and close when done.

It is a thing of beauty.



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