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Compositing the Multipass Scene

Compositing the Multipass Scene

It's now time to put it all together and create a dynamic scene with all three light passes. For the following exercise, we'll assume you've managed to get the Multipass node loaded into Shake, where it should be sitting patiently in the CG tab just waiting to be used. If for some reason files just didn't manage to go where they were supposed to, you can still use the MultiLight macro created earlier.

The Basic Composite

Select File > Open Script.

Go to the Appendix/scripts folder and load the MultiLightStart.shk script. You'll find twelve FileIn nodes, grouped into three sections, one for each light.

Select Key_Diff and insert a Multipass node from the CG tab (or use your MultiLight macro instead).

Attach Key_Refl, Key_Spec, and Key_Shad to their respective knots on Multipass1.

Select Fill_Diff and insert another Multipass node from the CD tab. Again, attach the reflective, specular, and shadow passes to their respective knots.

Repeat the process for the Rim passes.

Rename Multipass1 to Key_light, Multipass2 to Fill_light, and Multipass3 to Rim_light.

You now have all the passes composited together for each light.

Select Key_light and insert an IAdd node from the Layers tab.

Connect the output of Fill_light to the second input of IAdd1.

Select IAdd1 and insert another IAdd node from the Layers tab.

Connect Rim_light to the second input of IAdd2.

Move to frame 45 in the Time Bar.

All the lights are now combined into one composite, with the output appearing at IAdd2. The following figure shows the three passes and the resulting composite. Unfortunately, everything looks extremely blown out. But that's OK, the fun's just beginning…



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