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Lesson 2. Basic Compositing > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

  • You can attach nodes in the Node workspace in multiple ways, including clicking a node in the Tool tabs, right-clicking a node in the Tool tabs, and with the Tools menu.

  • The standard practice for layering operations that expect two input images is to connect the foreground to the first, or left, input and the background to the second, or right, input.

  • You can automatically organize your nodes by deselecting them all and pressing the L key.

  • The Over node expects premultiplied images.

  • The MDiv (Matte Divide) node undoes premultiplication.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Tool Tabs 
Left mouse clickinserts node after selected node
Shift-clickcreates new branch off selected node
Ctrl-clickreplaces currently selected node
Shift-Ctrl-clickcreates unconnected node
Node Workspace 
Cmd-Xremoves selected nodes and places them into the paste buffer
Cmd-Ccopies the selected nodes into the paste buffer
Cmd-Vpastes nodes and text into the Node View
Deletedeletes the selected nodes
Cmd-Zundoes up to 100 steps
Cmd-Yredoes your steps unless you have changed values after you have done several undos
+zooms into the Node View
-zooms out of the Node View
Homecenters all nodes
Fframes all selected nodes into the Node View
Otoggles on the Overview window to help navigate in the Node View
Cmd-Factivates nodes according to what to you enter in the Search string field
Cmd-Aselects all nodes
Shift-Aselects all nodes attached to the current group
Shift-Uselects nodes upstream from the currently active node
Shift-Dselects nodes downstream from the currently active node
Shift-up arrowadds one upstream node to the current selection
Shift-down arrowadds one downstream node to the current selection
Lperforms an automated layout on the selected nodes
Xsnaps all selected nodes into the same column
Ysnaps all selected nodes into the same row
Gvisually collapses selected nodes into one node; press again to ungroup
Mopens a group into a subwindow
Iturns off selected nodes when activated; select them again and press I to reactivate
Epulls the active nodes from the tree, reconnecting the remaining nodes to each other
Shift-Mlaunches the MacroMaker with the selected nodes as the macro body
Bopens up a macro into a subwindow so you can review wiring and parameters
Alt-Bcloses up the macro subwindow when the cursor is placed outside of the open macro
Parameters Workspace 
Ctrl-drag (while over a parameter value)changes the value interactively, left-drag to lower the value, right-drag to raise the value
Tabadvances to next text field
Shift-Tabgoes to previous text field
Right-clickaccesses to a pop-up menu
Drag a parameter namecopies parameter to target parameter
Shift-drag a parameter namelinks parameter from target parameter



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