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Lesson 11. Advanced Compositing > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

  • Tracker, Stabilize, and MatchMove are Shake's three tracking nodes.

  • The reference pattern defines a small pattern that will be searched for in subsequent frames; the search region is the maximum amount your tracking point will move between frames.

  • Use the Convolve function to create edge mattes.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Curve Editor
Option-dragpans window
Ctrl-Option-dragzooms window
+/= (by the Delete key)zooms in and out
Option-drag on numbed axispans only in that direction
Drag on numbered axisscales that direction
Ssyncs time to current keyframe
Ttoggles time code/frame display
Shift-dragselects keys
Ctrl-dragdeselects keys
Cmd-Aselects all curves
Shift-Aselects all knots on active curve
Ctrl-click on tangentbreaks tangent
Shift-click on tangentrejoins broken tangents
Qmoves selected points
Wscales points; this is a two-step process: you first click on the scale center, and then a second point to pull towards or away from the first point you clicked
X/Yallows movement on only the X or Y axis; pressing them again frees that axis
Hflattens the tangents of a Hermite curve
Vtoggles visibility of the selected curves
Kinserts a key on the current cursor position on the curve
Deldeletes active keys
Deleteremoves curves from Editor (does not delete them)
F, Ctrl-Fframes selected curves
Shift-Fframes selected knots
Homeframes all curves



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