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The Curve Editor

As you have been setting keyframes, these values are simultaneously being entered as curves in the Curve Editor. Follow these steps to see what the curve looks like numerically:

Click on the + to the left of the percent parameter.

What do you think of that? I know, you are feeling confused, yet impressed all at the same time. Well, you are looking at a numeric representation of the keyframes that have been set. It makes more sense now, right?

The Curve Editor allows you to visually see animated keyframes on a graph. You are able create, see, and modify these animation curves. To view the animated keyframes in the Curve Editor, click on the clock icon next to a parameter. When a checkmark is on the clock icon, it will be loaded into the Curve Editor.

Make sure that the percent parameter's clock icon has a checkmark next to it.

Select the Curve Editor in the Tool tabs.

The Curve Editor displays the animation curve for lights2_fade, lights1_fade, and chopper_fade. lights1_fade and chopper_fade are in the Curve Editor as a result of turning on Autokey while editing those parameters. You can turn off the visibility of these curves since you won't be editing them.

Click on the visibility icon (the V button) in the Curve Editor list for lights1_fade and chopper_fade so that the light next to each turns off.

Click on the Home icon below the Curve Editor to center up the curve.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of the curve. All right, that's enough, snap out of it.



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