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Chapter 9. Editing Still Pictures > Adding Motion with the Ken Burns Effect

Adding Motion with the Ken Burns Effect

Who says still photos must remain still? A common effect used by documentary filmmakers is pan and zoom, where the camera moves across a still image, zooms in on (or out of) a portion of the image, or performs a combination of the two.

To apply the Ken Burns Effect:

Select an image in the iPhoto preview area.

Click the Ken Burns Effect checkbox at the top of the Photos pane.

Set a duration for the effect using the Duration slider or field.

Click the Start button to set the appearance at the first frame of the sequence.

Specify a zoom setting using the Zoom slider or field (Figure 9.8). A setting of 1.0 displays the entire image on screen.

Figure 9.8. Click the Start button and set up the opening frame of the effect. Here, we’re starting off with a zoomed-in close-up shot of a flower.

Click the image in the preview window and drag it to define the portion of the picture that initially appears. (If you’re not zoomed-in at all, you probably don’t need to do this.)

Click the Finish radio button, then perform steps 5 and 6 to set the appearance of the last frame in the sequence (Figure 9.9).

Figure 9.9. Now we’re setting up the last frame of the effect—zoomed out and shifted to the right by dragging in the preview window.

Click the Preview button to watch the effect in the preview window.

When the effect is set up to your liking, do one of the following to add it to your movie:

  • Click the Apply button; iMovie adds the clip to the end of your movie.

  • Drag the photo from the iPhoto preview area to a location in the Timeline.



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