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Lesson 1. Creating 2D Elements from Hexa... > Creating an animated pattern from a ...

Creating an animated pattern from a simple image

You need many more hexagon layers to build your hexagon element. Instead of repeating all the changes you've made to the first layer on each additional hexagon, you'll duplicate the first layer many times. This not only reproduces the layer itself, but also duplicates any changes made or keyframes set for Scale, Position, and Rotation for each new layer, saving you a lot of time. Your first task is to create the duplicates.

Drag the current-time marker to 0:00, or press Home.

In the Timeline window or the Composition window, select the Hexagon01.psd layer, and then choose Edit > Duplicate. A new layer appears above the original layer in the Timeline window.

Duplicate the original layer eight more times, either by choosing Edit > Duplicate or by pressing Ctrl + D (Windows) or Command + D (Mac OS).

Notice how duplicating the first layer affects the windows:

  • The appearance of the Composition window does not change. That's because the ten images are stacked directly above each other at exactly the same position coordinates.

  • The Timeline window lists all ten layers as Hexagon01.psd because all ten layers use the same source file. The number to the left of the name identifies each layer according to its position in the layer stack (from top to bottom or front to back).

  • All layers have Rotation, Scale, and Position settings that are identical to the first layer. To verify this, select one or more layers and then press R, S, or P.



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