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Lesson 14. Working with Adobe Encore DVD > Linking the chapter markers with thu...

Linking the chapter markers with thumbnail buttons

Choose File > Import as Menu. Select Chapters_menu.psd and click Open.

The file opens in the Menu window. The four cups of coffee are each buttons. There is also a Back button. Each button will link to one of the chapter points. When you play the DVD and the button is activated, the video will play from the chapter point linked to the button.

Make sure both the 14Lesson markers Timeline and the Menu window are visible.

Click on marker number 2 and drag it to the elliptical shape in the upper left coffee cup.

A thumbnail image appears in the cup. Encore DVD automatically creates a link between the button and the chapter point marker in the Timeline.

Drag marker number three to the upper right cup.

Repeat with the last two markers, dragging marker number four to the lower left cup and marker number five to the lower right cup.

When you click on a button, the video will play from the point in the timeline associated with the marker. It will play to the end of the Timeline. You want the Chapters menu to reappear when the Timeline is done playing, so you will set an End Action for the timeline.

Make sure the 14Lesson markers Timeline is active. If necessary, click on 14Lesson markers (not 14Lesson markers.m2v) in the Project window.

If the Properties window is not open, choose Window > Properties.

The Properties widow displays information and settings about the 14Lesson markers Timeline.

Click on the menu triangle on the right edge of the End Action field, and choose Chapters_menu > 1.

When the Timeline finishes, the menu will display.

Save the project.



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