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Lesson 14. Working with Adobe Encore DVD > Importing an MPEG2 file with markers

Importing an MPEG2 file with markers

Premiere Pro can export MPEG2 files that Encore DVD can import.

Open Encore DVD and Choose File > New Project.

Click OK to accept NTSC for the project settings.

Choose File > Import as Asset.

When you exported the Premiere Pro Timeline, it created two files: an MPEG2 file that contains the video, and a WAV file that contains the audio.

Select 14Lesson markers.m2v and 14Lesson markers.wav, and click Open.

Select 14Lesson markers.m2v in the Project window.

Choose Timeline > New timeline.

A new Timeline opens with 14Lesson markers placed on the Video track. When the Timeline is created, the Monitor window opens.

In the Timeline, notice that the markers you made in Premiere Pro have been imported. These markers have numbers, even though the markers in Premiere Pro were unnumbered.

You may need to click the zoom out icon in the bottom left of the Timeline so that you can see the entire Video and Audio tracks, and all of the markers.

There are five markers, even though you created four markers in Premiere Pro. This is because every Timeline in Encore DVD has a marker at the first frame.

Click on 14Lesson markers.wav in the Project window, and drag it to the Audio 1 track in the Timeline window.

Click the Play button in the Monitor window to view the asset.

Save to your 14Lesson directory as 14LessonDVD_CIB.



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