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Lesson 3. Transitions > Pretrimming a clip and adding a transition

Pretrimming a clip and adding a transition

Typically, a transition overlaps portions of clips that are not essential to the video program, since these portions are likely to be obscured by the effect of the transition. So, it often makes sense to pretrim your clips to make sure the transition occurs where you want it to. The transition will “borrow” these pretrimmed frames from the tail of clip A and the head of clip B. In the next few steps, you'll pretrim clips, add them to the Timeline, and then insert the transition.

Double-click Approach2.avi in Bin 01 of the Project window to view it in the Source view in the Monitor window. Or simply drag the Approach2.avi clip icon to the Source view in the Monitor window.

Click the timecode under the Source view (at the left), type 122, and press Enter to locate a specific frame, where Hero presents flowers to Girl of His Dreams.


For this implementation of the timecode, you'll be in 29.97 Frames per Second Drop Frame (00;00;01;14) format. If necessary, click the Timeline window to make it active. From the title bar, choose Project > Project Settings > General. In the Video Display Format dialog box, the setting is 29.97 fps Drop-Frame Timecode. Click OK.

You can click the triangle button to the left of the timecode to select the entire timecode.

Now, click the Set In Point button () under the Source view to set a new In point for the Approach2.avi clip. The Clip Duration shown under the Source view (at the right in black) now indicates that the clip has been trimmed to a total run length of 00;00;05;17. Now the transition will operate with the flowers swinging into view.

Use the Page Up or Page Down keys to move the edit line to the end of Approach1.avi clip in the Timeline.

In the Project window, select Gaze2.avi and drag it to the edit line.

Press the Page Down key to move the edit line to the end of Gaze2.avi.

In the Source view, make sure that the trimmed Approach2.avi clip tab is the frontmost clip.

Click the Insert button () to insert Approach2.avi at the edit line.

To prepare the next transition, you will borrow frames from Gaze2.avi.

Press the Page Up key or click on the Go to Previous Edit button () in the Program view. The edit line should be at 00;00;18;26.

Now position the edit line so that it is 15 frames earlier in Gaze2.avi at 00;00;18;11 (18:26 - 00:15 = 18:11).

In the tools palette, select the ripple edit tool ().

Place the ripple edit tool on the tail of Gaze2.avi and drag it to the edit line at 00;00;18;11 so that it is 15 frames shorter in duration.

The transition will utilize the 15 frames. To add a transition between Gaze2.avi and Approach2.avi, you will use the Effects palette. But first, check the duration of the default transition.

Make sure Cross Dissolve is the default transition in the Effects palette. It should have a red outline. In the upper right corner of the Effects palette, click the menu triangle button and choose Default Transition Duration.


The default transition duration setting applies to all transitions regardless of which one has been selected as the default. This setting remains the same for any transition applied to the Timeline, unless you specify otherwise.

For more information, see “Adding Transitions” in the Adobe Premiere Pro User Guide.

In the General Preferences dialog box, make sure the Video Transition Default duration is 15 and click OK.

Save the project.



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