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Lesson 11. Titles and Credits > About titles and the Title Designer1

About titles and the Title Designer1

You'll be able to create broadcast-quality title sequences that include text and graphic elements using the Adobe Title Designer. Whether you're crafting a highly choreographed opening sequence that integrates text and graphic elements with moving footage or producing a straightforward credit roll, you can create high-quality results using time-saving features right within the Adobe Premiere Pro program. Some of those features are:

Professional typographic controls Such as leading, kerning, baseline shift, rotation, slant, and more mean you can refine your titles with the precision of Adobe Illustrator text. You can also apply special edge treatments such as outlined text, embossing, or bevels to help a title pop off the screen.

Drawing tools, including the Adobe-standard pen tool Use the Pen tool to draw free-form vector shapes that range from simple to complex forms, or use other drawing tools to create simple, regular shapes such as circles, polygons, rectangles, and lines.

Styles for text and shapes Work with predefined text and object styles, or create your own custom Styles. Styles are easy to manage, and you can save and load Styles from other title projects.

Time-saving templates Create your own Templates, or modify the over-100 Templates included with Adobe Premiere Pro to create customized looks.

Precise animation controls Once your titles are formatted, you can add motion either by using the roll or crawl options in the Adobe Title Designer or by animating the completed title file in the Premiere Pro Timeline.

Seamless import from other programs You can create titles, using a graphics or title application, saving it in a format compatible with Premiere Pro, such as pict (.pct), TIFF (.tif), Photoshop (.psd), or Illustrator (.ai or .eps), and importing it into your Premiere Pro project.

You access the Titler when you first launch Premiere Pro—with an untitled Project window open—or with an existing or new project. You can also have up to four Title Designer windows open at the same time.



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