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Lesson 4. Color and Opacity > Getting started

Getting started

For this lesson, you'll continue the movie project you began in Lesson 2 and add one more nuance related to opacity for the Transitions sequence you created in Lesson 3. Make sure you know the location of the files used in this lesson. Insert the Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book CD-ROM disk if necessary. For help, see “Copying the Classroom in a Book files” on page 4 of this Classroom in a Book.

Launch the Premiere Pro software.

In the Premiere Pro Welcome window, click Open Project.

In the Open Project dialog box, locate the 04Lesson folder that you copied into your hard drive from the DVD-ROM.

Locate the 04Lesson.prproj file in the 04Lesson folder and click Open. (You can also double-click on the 04Lesson.prproj file to open it.)

Choose Window > Workspace > Color Correction.

The Color Correction workspace is adapted. You'll see the default Reference Monitor in front of the Monitor window in single view. The Reference monitor is used to view comparisons between the behaviors of color correction steps.

You'll be superimposing still clips with transparent areas in the footage that will affect color and opacity in the project. The color management and correction features in this lesson along with the opacity settings will best display at Highest Quality in the Monitor window. In the Timeline, if you prefer to work with larger icons, adjust the height of the track or tracks to display larger icons.

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