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Lesson 12. Audio > Getting started

Getting started

Before you begin, you'll need to open the project file. Make sure you know the location of the files used in this lesson. Insert the Classroom in a Book DVD-ROM disk if necessary. For help, see “Copying the Classroom in a Book files” on page 4.

Launch the Premiere Pro software.

In the Premiere Pro Welcome window, click Open Project.

In the Open Project dialog box, locate the 12Lesson folder that you copied onto your hard drive from the DVD-ROM.

Locate the 12Lesson.prproj file in the 12Lesson folder and click Open. (You can also double-click on the 12Lesson.prproj file to open it.)

If necessary, rearrange windows and palettes so that they don't overlap, by choosing Window > Workspace > Audio.


12Lesson.prproj is similar to the project you finished in Lesson 11. You'll use the 12Lesson.prproj project, so that In and Out points will match the instructions in the following exercises.

To keep things organized, create a separate bin for sound files, and then move the audio files into the Audio bin.

Create a new bin by either clicking the Bin icon () at the bottom of the Project window or clicking the menu triangle button at the top right corner of the Project window and choosing New Bin.

Change the name of the bin to Audio.

With the Audio bin active, choose File > Import.

Hold down the Control key and click on Credits.wav, Dooropen.wav, Doorslam.wav, Earlymusic.wav, Excuseme.wav, Footsteps.wav, Gazeapproach.wav and Sigh.wav. Click Open.

Now, the audio files needed for this lesson are in the Audio bin.


When you import an audio file, Premiere Pro automatically converts the file to the project's current audio sample at 32-bit quality. This process provides audio that is consistent with other audio in the project and that you can play back at high quality without further manipulation. However, the conforming process may take a few minutes. (Premiere Pro displays its progress.) Your system's performance may decrease while audio is conforming. In addition, conforming can result in very large audio files that are stored on your system.

Finally, you'll save the project.

Choose File > Save.



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