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Lesson 3. Basic Editing > Exploring on your own - Pg. 115

Basic Editing 115 Using the QuickTime File Exporter (Mac OS only) Adobe Premiere 6.5 for Mac includes the QuickTime File Exporter allowing you to convert Premiere clips or the Timeline to a variety of other file formats. To use the QuickTime File Exporter: 1. Do one of the following: · Choose File > Export Timeline > Movie. · Select a clip in the Source view of the Monitor window and choose File > Export Clip > Movie. In the Export Movie dialog box, click Settings. In the File Type menu, choose QuickTime File Exporter. Click Advanced Settings. Click Options if you want to specify settings to create a custom preset, and then click OK. Set any of the following options and click OK: Export--To specify the file type of the exported movie. Using--To specify the preset used for exporting the file. Set any options in the Movie Settings dialog box as desired, and click OK. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Exploring on your own Feel free to experiment with the project you have just created. Here are some suggestions: · Use the buttons at the bottom of the Project window to change the view of clips in the window. · Use the rolling edit tool to change the edits between and, and between and You can choose Edit > Undo after each change to undo it. · Use the shortcuts listed in the Premiere Quick Reference Card and in Premiere Help to position the edit line and the work area bar. · Open the Timeline window Options dialog box by clicking the arrow icon near the upper right corner of the Timeline window. Experiment with different icon sizes and track formats. · Read "Using Monitor window controllers" in Chapter 3 of the A dobe Premiere 6.0 User Guide. Experiment with Monitor window controllers and learn about the various functions, including how to jog or shuttle through frames. Review questions 1: A1: What are two ways to add clips to the Timeline? Dragging clips into the Timeline from the Project window, using the Automate to Timeline command, or opening and trimming clips in the Source view and then inserting or overlaying them into the Timeline. What are two ways to create a rough cut? Dragging clips into the Timeline from the Project window and using the Automate to Timeline command from the Storyboard or Project windows. What are three ways to preview clips in the Timeline without ren- dering? Scrubbing in the Timeline ruler, or pressing the Play button ( ). How does the insert function differ from the overlay function? 2: A2: 3: A3: 4: