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Lesson 4. Adding Transitions > The Transitions palette - Pg. 120

Adding Transitions 120 The Transitions palette Adobe Premiere 6.5 includes a wide range of transitions, including 3D motion, dissolves, wipes, and zooms. The transitions are grouped into folders, by type, in the Transitions palette. Each transition is listed with a unique icon to the left of its name. 1. 2. If the Transitions/Video/Audio palette is not visible, choose Window > Show Transitions. If nec- essary, click the Transitions tab to make it active and resize the Transitions palette by dragging its lower right corner. Double-click the Dissolve folder or click the Expand/Collapse button to the left of the Dissolve folder to see the types of dissolve transitions available. Notice that the Cross Dissolve icon is outlined in red. This indicates that Cross Dissolve is selected as the default transition .