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Chapter 4. Capturing and Importing Media > Capturing Directly to the Timeline

Capturing Directly to the Timeline

If have been editing your sequence for a while but realize you need to include one more shot in your movie, you can set up your Timeline and Capture tool to capture a clip directly to a specific place in your Timeline. This is an effective technique for last-minute crunch situations.

To capture directly to the Timeline:

Load a sequence by dragging a sequence icon from a bin to the Composer monitor or double-clicking a sequence in Source/Record mode.

Click Mark In in the Timeline where you want to insert or overwrite the incoming clip.

Select the tracks on which you want to place the incoming clip.

On the Settings tab of the Project window, double-click your active (check-marked) Capture settings to open the Capture Settings dialog box.

On the Edit tab of the Capture Settings dialog box, select Enable Edit to Timeline.

Overwrite and Splice-in edit buttons appear at the top of the Capture tool.

Enter a handle length (the amount of extra footage you want to capture before and after the In and Out points of your clip) and click OK (Figure 4.32).

Figure 4.32. To capture directly to the Timeline, select Enable Edit to Timeline on the Edit tab of the Capture settings. Entering a handle amount is wise if you plan to use transition effects with the footage.

In the Capture tool, enter Capture mode by clicking the Capture/Log Mode button so it displays “Cap” for capture.

Click and hold on the video and audio track buttons at the top of the Capture tool. From the pop-menus that appear, choose the Timeline tracks to which you want to patch the incoming clips (Figure 4.33).

Figure 4.33. To tell Xpress Pro where to edit your captured clip into the Timeline, click and hold on a Capture tool's source track button and choose a Timeline track from the list that appears.

If you haven't already done so, insert your source tape into the deck or camera and choose the source tape name from the Source Tape dialog box (or create a new name).

In the Capture tool, play your source tape and click Mark In and Mark Out to log the In and Out points for your incoming clip.

Choose the type of edit to perform by clicking the Splice-in button or the Overwrite button in the Capture tool.

To start capturing, click the Record button.

Xpress Pro captures your clip and stops capture when it reaches the Out point you marked in the Capture tool. Xpress Pro edits the captured clip into the Timeline and creates a master clip in your bin.

✓ Tips

  • After you capture a clip to the Timeline, name the newly created master clip in your bin.

  • If you are capturing a clip you want to edit onto the end of your sequence, you need to mark only an In point in the Capture tool. During the capture process, you can simply click Record to create your Out point on the fly.

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